The new ENiQ Pro V2 with BLE

13 September 2019

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The new digital cylinder ENiQ Pro V2 with BLE on board has arrived! With its BLE interface, the new generation of digital cylinders can be easily programmed wireless with a smartphone.  Thanks to BLE, there is no need to hold a smartphone in front of the RFID antenna for any data exchange. The user with the smartphone just has to be nearby the locking device and the smartphone transmits the access rights and firmware updates directly to the device.

The new ENiQ PRO V2 is available from the 30.09.2019. The ELS PRO (868 MHz) as well as DOM Tapkey with BLE are already launched.

Download the documents here below to get all the information about the new ENiQ PRO V2.

Download ENiQ Pro Datasheet here

Download ENiQ Pro Padlock Datasheet here