OSS - The future of mobile access control

22 November 2022

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You may not know it yet, but the way you use your smartphone to access buildings and other secured areas is about to change - for the better. As a member of the OSS Association (Open Security Standards Association), we are working with hardware and software manufacturers to develop new global and multi-vendor security standards in the field of access control. Thanks to the new OSS Mobile Access Standard, mobile access will be easier and more convenient in the future.  


What is the OSS Mobile Access Standard?

The OSS MA standard defines those interfaces that are necessary for using a smartphone as a key or mobile credential. The new web interface is particularly noteworthy. This enables access management software providers to integrate mobile access into their solutions quickly and easily.

However, it also opens up numerous possibilities for providers of web-based solutions such as booking platforms. They can use the new standard to easily integrate physical access management into their offerings without having to create the necessary infrastructure first.

Ensuring interoperability between host systems, mobile credential solutions and hardware means that integrators are no longer trapped in the lock-in effect of proprietary solutions. This is because mobile credentials are granted across manufacturers. For more flexibility and investment security for integrators.

"For lock manufacturers, solution providers as well as their end customers, this makes it even more appealing to use Tapkey's secure and market-proven technology. Tapkey thus becomes the logical choice for customers of all sizes, for those with single locking devices up to multinational large-scale installations," explains Markus Minichmayr, Co-CEO & CTO of Tapkey.


OSS Mobile Access Live Showcase


At this year's Light & Building in Frankfurt, together with our partners Tapkey and phg, we held a first live demonstration of the new standard - and not under laboratory conditions. In the run-up to the fair, all visitors had the opportunity to register online with their email address in order to receive their personal mobile credentials on their smartphone. Using the Tapkey app, they were able to operate the various locking devices on site, both at our booth and at phg's booth.


Technically, the Access Control System used the OSS MA Host interface for managing the authorisations. The associated DOM and phg locking devices processed the OSS mobile credentials so that they could be opened.

Source: Tapkey