V-MAX becomes FastLane!

9 October 2020

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V-Max becomes FastLane!

Digitisation is increasingly making its way into the world of work and thus also into our ordering processes. Since we focus on future-oriented solutions and are constantly developing, we will continue to expand our online portal eNet. In a first step, V-MAX will now become FastLane. 

As a DOM partner, use our DOM eNet portal and the associated privileges, such as the optimised ordering process for locking systems. 

DOM-XL (incl. FastLane) offers you the following advantages: 

- Simple input of locking systems

- Secure and fast order processing through compatibility check and FastOrder

- Automated order transmission and direct transfer to the production lines

- Prioritised delivery at maximised order quantity with order transmission via DOM-XL  

Click here to go directly to to DOM-XL/FastLane!

(eNet portal for the DOM dealers)

Click here