The Door Opener App

7 December 2016

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A virtual key ring

The Tapkey app works like a virtual key ring – and makes access management for your home or office easier than ever.

Three out of every four Germans own a smartphone and, according to a study by the University of Ulm, reach for it an average of 88 times per day. To check messages, surf the Internet or to check the time. Why not also use it to control access to your own four walls or your company? The advantages are obvious: It would put an end to tedious rummaging for the right key and the app would offer new possibilities when it comes to issuing access authorisations easily and flexibly and making security visible.

From family members to tradespeople, from cleaning staff to employees: the DOM Tapkey can be used as needed to assign access authorisations for a limited time or permanently. The authorised person can then use a digital device such as a smartphone or tablet with a compatible NFC interface to open the door. The Tapkey app is available in the Google or Apple Store: simply download the app, activate your account and manage your own digital system.

Clever extra features

Customers that use their system professionally will profit from the app expansion "Small Business" available starting roughly in autumn 2017. The Small Business package offers practical extra features, e.g. the traceability of closings over the last twelve months. The professional use of Tapkey on platforms such as Airbnb is also possible.

Pre-programmed transponders can also be provided for users that do not have or wish to use a smartphone with a compatible NFC interface. These can be attached as usual to a conventional key ring or practical sticker transponders can also be applied to the back of a smartphone.

Issued authorisations can naturally be used free of charge. All communication between the app and the cylinder is end-to-end encrypted. If the smartphone used for managing the authorisations is stolen or lost, the Tapkey account or the Google ID can be deactivated immediately.

The Tapkey app is available as a Friends & Family package or as a Smart Business package.