Tapkey Firmware V3.2

19 November 2020

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Tapkey Firmware V3.2

There is a new firmware for the following products:

- DOM Tapkey PRO V2
- DOM Tapkey Guard
- DOM Tapkey LoQ
- DOM Tapkey ACM

This is the firmware version 3.2, which with its optimised BLE handling provides a significantly higher communication stability even in installations with many BLE devices. In addition, the new firmware version includes the lock grouping feature.

The update can only be carried out on devices that were manufactured from January 2020 onwards and therefore have firmware version 3.0. A firmware update for DOM Tapkey devices manufactured before January 2020 with firmware version 2.x will be provided at a later date. For Tapkey Pro V1 cylinders without BLE, such an update can no longer be provided for technical reasons.

The Lock Grouping information in detail:

- With Lock Grouping, authorisations for 12 groups of locks (instead of 12 individual locks) can be stored on a transponder.
- Locks can be added to groups. We recommend up to 30 devices per group. If a user receives an authorisation for a group, he or she has the same authorisation for all devices in the group.

A special note for Apple users:
On the iPhone, after updating the DOM Tapkey devices to firmware V3.2, the Bluetooth on the iPhone must be deactivated and then reactivated so that the iPhone can communicate with the devices again.  

Within the scope of this firmware update, our partner Tapkey will provide the current Tapkey APP

- 2.11.11 (Android)
- 2.11.9 (iOs)

made available via the App Stores. The App Store supports the Lock Grouping feature for all DOM Tapkey devices of firmware V3.2 and higher.