Sunny prospects for DOM

6 May 2024

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Sunny prospects for DOM

New photovoltaic system in operation - sustainable relief for the environment

The PV panels on the buildings of DOM Sicherheitstechnik in Brühl cover a large part of the company's energy requirements.
Brühl municipal utilities was responsible for the entire planning, project management and realisation of the system.

One of the largest photovoltaic (PV) systems in Brühl has been producing renewable solar power since the beginning of March: DOM Sicherheitstechnik has equipped parts of the roof surfaces with a total of 1,084 high-performance PV modules. The aim is to generate up to a tenth of the company's own energy requirements - and thus sustainably reduce CO2 emissions.

The production of innovative locking technology, in particular brass processing, is associated with high energy requirements: "Our aim is to optimise our operations so that we need less electricity - and at the same time generate a significant proportion of it ourselves," explains Managing Director Jürgen Maronn: "This means a sustainable ecological gain for climate protection as well as economic benefits by minimising electricity costs."

Close cooperation with Brühl municipal utilities

For Jürgen Maronn, it was obvious that DOM decided to work with the municipal utility company Stadtwerke Brühl again for the PV project: "We have a long-standing, trusting relationship with Stadtwerke Brühl. The photovoltaic project was also planned and realised to our complete satisfaction."
According to the plans, the solar energy generation will be used entirely by the company itself. "We have designed the system so that it can cover power peaks in daily consumption," explains Bartlomiej Latowski, Head of Manufacturing Engineering & Prefabrication at DOM Sicherheitstechnik. "In addition, we have further roof areas available that we can equip with PV modules in the future."

A strong partnership for clean energy: Jürgen Maronn, Managing Director of DOM Sicherheitstechnik (right in the picture) and Marcel Härtel, Sales Manager of Stadtwerke Brühl (left in the picture), are pleased about the good cooperation.

More than 200 tonnes of CO2 saved per year

"The installation of the current modules was already completed at the end of 2023, followed by the installation of the control technology and commissioning," explains Joachim Fesser, PV expert at Stadtwerke Brühl. He continues: "The system with a total output of 466 kilowatts peak is calculated with an expected annual electricity generation of around 440,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). This corresponds to an annual CO2 saving of 201,500 kilograms!" Fesser estimates the amortisation period for the system at around four years.

Infrastructure for electric cars

"The PV system has brought us a big step closer to our goal of reducing electricity consumption and sustainably improving our carbon footprint," concludes Managing Director Jürgen Maronn. The company is also focussing on environmentally friendly technologies in other areas: Stadtwerke Brühl operates two charging stations with a total of four charging points for electric vehicles in the company car park. These are available to employees, but are also accessible to the public.

Source: Stadtwerke Brühl, Customer magazine