DOM Tapkey Major Update: Program your Transponders with iPhone

19 November 2019

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Paris, 15 November 2019 – Today, DOM Tapkey iPhone users can use their smartphones to gain quick and mobile access via BLE. Thanks to the newest update in the Tapkey app, just like Android users, iPhone users can now program their transponders from the app. DOM Tapkey is the first digital locking system that provides this new feature for smart homes and shared facilities.

dom tapkey iphone transponder

With the new Tapkey app (version 2.5.8), users can write access rights to their DOM Tapkey transponders by using their iPhones, as well as changing and revoking access rights. Think of it like Apple Pay, but for opening doors. We also enhance the user experience of mobile access with our BLE connection. This update is available now for iPhone 7 (7 and 7+), iPhone 8 (8 and 8+), iPhone X (X, XR, XS), and the newest iPhone 11 series (11 and 11 Pro) running the latest iOS 13.

DOM Tapkey App transponder

What does this update mean for you? This means families and companies have better freedom of choice of providing access via smartphones or self-authorised transponders in an unbelievably comfortable and secure way. No matter what smartphone you have, you are always in control with the Tapkey app.

This milestone highlights the active cooperation between DOM and Tapkey. Since the partnership started in 2016, DOM has contributed to highly reliable digital hardware, and Tapkey has provided their expertise as an innovative software-company with the latest cloud solutions. Rest assured, DOM and Tapkey will continue developing innovations for mobile access solutions.

The latest Tapkey app is now available in the iOS App Store.

For more information about DOM Tapkey, contact your DOM local sales representative.


About DOM Security

DOM Security is one of the most prominent security and access solution company in Europe, focusing on developing three main areas: hardware, software, and mechatronics. It is a member of SFPI Group, a Paris-based company founded in 1985 by Henri Morel, a company focusing on maintaining and producing products for the safety of people and industry.

To learn more about DOM Security, visit our website. Visit SFPI group website here to learn more about the group.

About Tapkey

The Tapkey App is a hardware vendor-independent platform for mobile access - The secure and user-friendly Tapkey technology offers secure and instantaneous sending of access rights over the Internet for instant access to doors, cars, parcel boxes and more. Whether in the smart home, coworking, real estate, car sharing or delivery industries, Tapkey is your guarantee for a secure, cost-effective and flexible solution.

To learn more about DOM Tapkey, visit our website.