New Tapkey in-App package prices

23 February 2021

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New Smaller Packs for More Flexible Usage

Starting from 1 March 2021, Tapkey will include new, smaller tiers to support expanding/reducing the number of registered Tapkey mobile key users.


Previously, Tapkey allowed free use for up to 5 users, with the paid version starting at 25 users. With this new tiered system, users who would like to assign more than 5 users with mobile keys can start by subscribing to a 10-user pack to suit their needs. 


The new package system will include the following options:


What do these changes mean for Tapkey users? 

Any free DOM Tapkey customers who would like to add additional users to their Tapkey app are open to upgrade their subscription for € 3,99 per month (including VAT) from the 1 March 2021.


By implementing this pricing strategy, Tapkey wants to develop a future-proof product that caters to our customers' needs. With this in mind, the monthly subscription will provide many advantages. For example, users can change their Tapkey plan whenever they want to accommodate any personnel or organisational changes.


What does this change mean for users who have renewed their annual subscription? 


Don't worry! Tapkey users will still be charged with the yearly subscription. The new monthly subscription will take place if the customer decides to purchase another package. 

Please note: Tapkey is an external partner of DOM. Prices are not set by DOM and will be billed through the App store, Google Play store or Tapkey's website.