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DOM Keystone®

Partner Programme for Security Experts

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A Tailor-fit partner program

The better you do, the better we do.

We believe that helping those around you will ultimately help you move forward just the same. Hence, DOM Keystone® was born: to help our loyal partners to create better business, without compromise. Because the better you do, the better we’ll do too.

If we had one word to explain DOM Keystone®, it would be: "possibility". Need to attract more customers? Make use of our shop transformation service. Want to improve efficiency? Purchase key-cutting machines or create a customised working space. Want to improve your skills? Sign up for our free training sessions and masterclasses. Growing is that easy!

Why should you join DOM Keystone®?

Support from the experts

Joining DOM Keystone® means getting an exclusive entry to the world of experts. By becoming a member, you will get all access to tutorials and training sessions conducted by DOM experts in your area.

Fast Service

By being a DOM Keystone® member, you’ll gain access to stock agreements and a fast service so you don’t have to worry about urgent orders or running out of short-term inventory.

Always up-to-date

Never be left in the dark. After joining as a DOM Keystone® member, you will gain access to your personal account at Keystone portal. From this portal you can check your account as well as redeem your benefits and more. You will also receive our bimonthly DOM Keystone® newsletter from the local Keystone® team.

Our Five Stones of Commitment

DOM Keystone provides you with a solid base of services, tools, knowledge and equipment. Whatever you need to move your business forward, the platform offers you everything to make your life as a security expert as productive as possible. Grab the opportunity to give your customers an even higher level of services and products.

DOM Keystone Partners

DOM by Bott

We teamed up with Bott to create a range of products and services that provide you superior workspace designs, with reliable delivery, installation and comprehensive long term support.

DOM by Keyline

Together with Keyline we present you with the very best in key cutting technology. After careful selection, we have found the machines by Keyline to be the most reliable and versatile. Purchase your machine through DOM Keystone to benefit from additional DOM features, while you also receive full installation, service, warranty and training directly from Keyline.

  • From perforated panels to hook shelves, furniture for your showroom that fits your showroom area
  • Customised shop furniture can be installed based on your shop area, no matter how big or small.
  • Set up a workspace that fits your working area with different layout.
  • Everything you need for an efficient workshop can be ordered from DOM Keystone and purchased with DOM Credits.

A dedicated web portal

DOM Keystone® is completed with our dedicated online portal; a place for members to interact with DOM, like a webshop for professional growth.

This portal enables you to see a clear overview of your personal account as well as your DOM Credits. The web portal also allows you to purchase products as well as redeeming your DOM Credits with our Five Stones solutions.

Do more, get more

Your engagement pays with DOM Credits

With every product you purchase from the Business Solution, we’ll reward you for your engagement. How? With DOM Credits. With these credits, you can partially or fully redeem other Solutions available in the DOM Keystone® portal.

DOM Credits are valid for 36 months.

Need more information?

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It's a small step to join, but it can make a huge difference.

Getting access to the many benefits of DOM Keystone is easy! Within a week we’ll get in touch with you, to go through all the details of the program and to help you decide how to make the most of it. It’s a small step to join, but it can make  a huge difference in your business  for years to come.

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