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Access to cash machines, ticket machines, food vending machines and slot machines demands high security. This is why DOM offers mechanical and electronic trackable security solutions to suit these specific security requirements.

Find out how DOM addresses each vending machine application in an extensive range of environments and facilities.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM's)

Automated teller machines require special anti-vandalism security to protect the cash funds they hold.

DOM mechanical solutions have been designed to meet this need with a patented key that cannot be copied or reproduced, as well as a high-performance anti-drilling system, your machine is perfectly protected against vandalism.

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Ticket Machines

To secure ticket vending machines, DOM offers its customers a great deal of expertise in the development of robust solutions such as the Premium HT locks. They are characterized by the use of a reversible, practical and patented security key.

These locking solutions allow you to easily maintain full control over access to the ticket dispenser, for the safety of the machine and its users.

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Benefits of DOM Vending Machine Locking Solutions

    DOM vending machine locks feature a fine adjustment between the special pin tumblers and the key, which is patent-protected until 2026
    With its key blade design and complex coding, you are protected against key duplication
    Optez pour une protection anti-perçage approuvée, en acier trempé.
      Opt for an approved anti-drilling protection made of hardened steel
      By combining a steel disc with a special fixation, your locks are fully protected against pulling attempts

      DOM locks for vending machines can be integrated into complex masterkey plans with up to 5600 possible combinations within one masterkey system

    Trusted Partnerships with DOM

    DOM collaborates with companies that specialise in vending machines and who are leaders in their segments in Europe and worldwide such as; parking lots, cinemas, museums, and sports/leisure facilities.

    In a partnership with DOM, you can trust the experience and know-how of a locking solutions manufacturer recognised in your sector.

    Slot Machines

    A reliable security system is a prerequisite for the proper management of a casino-type slot machine. This is why, in addition to cam locks, DOM historical expertise, we are developing new electronic solutions.

    DOM is aware of tomorrow's challenges and offers many dedicated locking solutions, with RFID, NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies. The immediate tracking of openings provides maximum security for your vending machine.

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    Food and Drink Dispenser Vending Machines

    DOM uses the best of on-door technology in order to secure food and drink dispenser vending machines effectively.

    This is the case, for example, with the DOM 31913H7 lock, as this reversible pin technology offers a high level of security with reinforced protection against drilling. In addition, our dedicated locking solutions take up minimal space, making them particularly suitable for high-traffic environments.

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