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Locking for the transport sector

Security systems for Transport

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Robust locking for transport equipment

DOM designs and develops reliable and robust security solutions, ideally suited for transport equipment: cars and trucks, cycles, trains, elevators.

Whether it is our range of switch locks or anti-snap locks, our technical team designs specific product lines, thought for the needs of our customers in the transport sectors.

Based on the latest DOM innovations, your industrial and transportation applications can benefit from the highest level of security.

Discover all the applications equipped with
DOM solutions in the transport sector

The benefits of DOM solutions


    Made of high-quality materials, your DOM locks are highly durable. This makes them ideal for securing transportation equipment that requires strength.
    DOM switch locks for the transport sector perfectly secure your equipment: only authorized personnel can turn the machine on or off. 
    DOM manufactures its locking solutions dedicated to industry and transport on its production sites in Europe: a know-how and an expertise that you can trust. 

The right locking solution for your industry

  • Cars and trucks : DOM push locks, barrels and handles are used to secure truck boxes, car accessories and components.
  • Bicycles : DOM offers locking systems ideally suited for bicycles, including electric bike (or e-bike) batteries, and bicycle or bike rental.
  • Railway : as partners of the railway sector, our range of locks allows the securing of railway equipment and components for the safety of trains, goods and people.
  • Elevators : RONIS locking systems are also suitable for securing lifts and elevators in all types of buildings.


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