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The locking solutions designed and manufactured by DOM are ideal for securing a wide range of furniture suited to a large range of applications.
Discover the different types below on which manufacturers can easily integrate DOM locks.

Our solutions :

Office Furniture


In office environments, the security of furniture items such as desk drawer units, office cupboards and tambour or filing furniture is essential as often they contain confidential documents or costly equipment. As a long-standing partner of furniture manufacturers, DOM is a specialist in the design of locks and locking systems suited to a wide range of applications.

Office Furniture Locking Solutions

Office Furniture Popular Products

Workshop Furniture


Both robust and flexible, DOM mechanical and electronic solutions allow you to reliably secure different types of workshop furniture such as workshop and electrical cabinets, workshop locker rooms, tool trolleys and computer rack and data centres.

Workshop Furniture Locking Solutions

Workshop Furniture Polpular Products

Locker Room Furniture

To protect possessions in locker rooms, DOM provides reliable and easy-to-use solutions that are ideal for securing swimming pool lockers, sports & leisure lockers (spas, hotels, etc.), school lockers, workshop lockers and office lockers. Locker rooms require simple but effective security, suitable for many people storing their possessions.

Locker Room Furniture Locking Solutions

Locker Room Furniture Popular Products


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