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Solutions to protect equipment and people in the energy sector

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The energy sector is characterised by sensitive environments, which must be safely secured. Discover the locking solutions developed by DOM to protect equipment and people.

Our solutions:

Sustainable Energy Site Locking Solutions

The sustainable energy conversion sector covers many areas including; wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear power. DOM is a specialist in providing locking solutions designed to protect people and sensitive equipment in these types of environments.

We offer fully integrated electronic solutions for your digital locking needs through our ENiQ-connected security ecosystem, our digital cylinders and our RFID Digital Lock Range.

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Mobile Keys software gives the administrator greater flexibility and control by providing the tools to manage their access control system in real time.

The system allows personnel to access energy sites through a secure digital application on their phone, named ‘DOM Key’ which utilises an innovative cylinder lock, known as DOM ENiQ Pro V2.

Using a software integration platform, personnel can have their own login portal and profiles, keeping track of who is accessing the site. Personnel must request key access to a property through their mobile phones using the DOM Key app, and once approved a digital key will be sent to provide access.

Most energy sites currently use an insecure system whereby personnel provide a handwritten name and signature to access physical keys from a banksman. In many instances keys go missing, thefts take place and damage occurs within properties; in such cases handwritten names can be difficult to read, meaning that cases can go unresolved and reoccur.

Should damage or theft occur within a site, the system administrators will now have access to a list of personnel who accessed it, including details such as the date and time.

Furthermore, there will no longer be a limitation of keys available to gain access. Previously, keys which had been lost or not handed back promptly caused delays and increased costs.

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Sustainable Energy Locking Solutions

RONIS Trapped Key Interlocking Solutions

In many industrial settings, a standardised procedure for operating, maintaining or accessing systems is necessary. One way to ensure correct and safe operation on-site is by using the RONIS trapped key interlocking system by DOM Security.

For more than 50 years, the RONIS Trapped key interlocking system has helped companies to regulate safe operation on-site. This system, in the form of a series of keys, is intended to enforce safety regulations in high and medium-voltage installations. These regulations are made not only to protect the personnel whilst working in high and medium-voltage environments but also to protect the installation from any false manoeuvres which could lead to damage.

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RONIS Trapped Key Interlocking Solutions


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