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Hi-tech for electronic equipment

Electronic equipment systems are typically found in a sensitive environment: everything related to the technology needs to be protected against tampering, burglary, damage and unauthorised access, but also against dirt and temperature changes.
We ensure that only authorised persons have access to your systems.

Against all odds

Security technology for electronic systems - for us, this not only means technical expertise in mechanical and electronic locking systems, but also a high level of flexibility and innovative competence. We continuously invest in the development of resistant locking systems in order to eliminate all risks of manipulation. 

We develop special security solutions for

  • Switch cabinets and control panels
  • Server rooms
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Plant engineering

  • We work closely with our partners from the international DOM Security network to meet technical requirement of any kind.

    We offer traditional mechanical solutions such as cam locks, as well as fully integrated electronic solutions for your digital locking needs through our ENiQ Security Ecosystem, our Keypads and our RFID Digital Lock Range.


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