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Managing your ENiQ® Security Ecosystem

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Organise your system without software or app

Manage and organise your system through transponders, without any software or app with ENiQ Easyflex. Install your ENiQ digital locking devices, activate the transponders with the transponder management card and the master card on the devices, and you are all set! The ENiQ Easyflex box comes together with one ENiQ Pro and a set of five transponders and five master cards, making it a perfect solution for smaller business or for your residence.


    Create your access control system without having to invest in PC's or software.

    Easily delete lost or stolen transponders from the system so that you will have no unwanted guests in your home.
    No need to call a specialist. Install the cylinders yourself with the dedicated tools that come in the box.

    ENiQ evolves with you: start with the transponders and move on to other Access Management software according to your needs.
    Adding more users to the system is as easy as simply ordering extra EasyFlex booklets.

Programme your transponder in 3 steps 

1.   Authorise the transponder with the transponder-management card and the master card from the EasyFlex box.
2.   Give the transponder to the user.

3.   The user can now open the door.

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  • box
    Everything you need is inside the ENiQ Easyflex box.
  • eniq easyflex booklet
    The ENiQ Easyflex box contains: one ENiQ Pro, five transponders, and five master cards.

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