DOM 10-years-warranty

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10 years warranty

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Guarantees and statutory warranties are often confused. The statutory warranty of 24 months is a legal requirement. The seller guarantees that the goods sold are free from defects. However, the guarantee is an individual agreement which governs what damage is covered by the guarantee, and what services are provided in case of complaint.

We give you the option of taking out an additional warranty in addition to the statutory warranty for a period of 10 years for the following products with gold-coloured security card:

  • DOM diamant in a coded single lock
  • DOM ix TwinStar in a coded single lock
  • DOM ix TwinStar in a coded single lock 2in1

A prerequisite is that you must register here within 1 month of purchasing the coded single lock. After the data have been checked, your warranty certificate will then be sent to you by post.

And it is so easy to register:

Go to Please fill out all fields as indicated. After receiving your registration and checking the data, the warranty certificate will be sent to you by post. All further information on the warranty extension for DOM products is available on our website.

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