Perfect door protection

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Perfect door protection

Keeping everything secure!

Doors are one of the targets for burglary. The good news: Burglars have very little time and therefore give up after a few minutes if properties are well secured. But what exactly constitutes optimal door security? We have the answer and a suitable locking system for any security requirement.

This what perfect door protection looks like

There are several ways to comprehensively safeguard front doors to houses and apartments, and put an end to burglars in the truest sense of the word. A secure locking system, like for example DOM ix TwinStar or DOM ix Twido, is literally "key" to optimal door protection.

A locking system made to measure

DOM locking systems fulfil the highest requirements for security and quality. We offer you a suitable locking system for any security need. Decide for yourself which mechanical system best suits your needs.

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