Patent-protected keys for your house

When you choose a locking cylinder for your front door, what do you look for? Do you prefer a security cylinder with keys that are equipped with a simple key protection and therefore key copies can be made on site by e.g. a locksmith. Or do you attach particular importance to patented keys with high key copy protection?

The two most common key types on the security market are conventional keys and reversible keys. Let’s see what sets them apart and which locking systems we recommend for better home security.

Conventional keys


Conventional keys are the most commonly used keys for front doors. Conventional keys can only be inserted into the locking cylinder in one direction and have edged cuts.

Reversible keys


Reversible keys offer more comfort and have no edged cuts. A reversible key usually has identical holes on both sides and allows key insertion on both sides. Because of this advantage, reversible keys are particularly useful for people with visual impairments or in poor lighting conditions.

Since reversible keys do not have sharp edges, they are easier to carry in your pocket and do not scratch the surface of your mobile phone, for example.

Which keys offer the best protection?

Both reversible and conventional keys are widely used. However, if they are not protected key profiles, the security of your home could be compromised. The first and most important concern is the copy protection of keys.The copy protection of a key is divided into technical and legal copy protection.

Legal copy protection guarantees by means of a patent that the key may not be manufactured in the same way by other manufacturers. This means that there are no identical key blanks in circulation from which unauthorized persons can make key copies.

A technical copy protection ensures by its technical specification that the key cannot be copied with commercially available key copying machines.

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