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Protecting my house while on vacation

Whether it is fun in the sun or a romantic winter getaway, we love going on holidays. However, there is always a chance of break-in when we are going on vacation. Therefore, it is essential for you to make a list of what to do to protect your house before your holidays. The last thing you want to happen is coming home to find out that someone had successfully broken into your house and took your valuables, right? Worry not, we have compiled a list of what you need to do before leaving your house for your long-awaited vacation.

Avoid oversharing on social media

As soon as you book that ticket for your dream vacation spot, the urge to show it off to your friends and family on social media is normal. However, do not post them on social media! We all know how vital it is to avoid sharing important travel details publicly, but a lot of people don't know that you also need to delete any vital information on your social media that mentions your home address and phone number. Your personal identity is as easy to be retrieved through search engines and you don't know how persistent a burglar can be to break into your house.

Ask neighbours and family members for help

A simple way to get peace of mind during the holidays is to ask your neighbours or family members to check on your home regularly through simple activities such as pick up newspapers and operate the roller shutters . This way, the exterior of your house will always look clean, and burglars will reconsider to break into your house if they think someone is living there.

Manage your access authorisations from your smartphone

If you want to make your home "smart", it is worth investing in a digital cylinder. Make sure to buy a digital cylinder that has a smartphone app that allows you to assign authorisations via OTA (over the air). This way you can also manage access authorisations while on the move, so that you can grant access to your neighbour, for example, by holding his smartphone in front of the locking cylinder.

For this purpose, our DOM Tapkey System is ideally suited.
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Simulating presence

Timers and motion detectors are popular ways to simulate presence. "Newer" devices can be programmed so that a variable time or switching according to sunrise and sunset is possible. This way, the light does not come on at the same time every day.

Wireless sockets are also a helpful gadget. Integrated into your WiFi, they can be controlled remotely and switch any desired device on or off at the touch of a button.

Outdoors, motion detectors should be placed at entrances so that the lights are activated when someone approaches.


It is also advisable to keep valuable items such as jewellery, electronic devices or important documents safe while you are on holiday. Use a safe or a locked cabinet to protect these items. If possible, you should also make an inventory list with photos or videos to make it easier to document the loss in case of a break-in.

Security systems

Nowadays, alarm systems and surveillance cameras with app control are no longer a rarity. You always have everything in view even when you are on the move, and in the event of an alarm, the system immediately notifies you via push notification to your smartphone. 

In combination with wireless-controlled sockets, this allows you to create some useful automations for presence simulation that create additional security while you are away.


In addition to physical security measures, you should also check your home contents insurance. Make sure your sum insured is adequate and that all valuable items are covered. Find out the terms and conditions of your insurance policy in the event of a burglary and what steps you need to take to report the damage.

Don't forget the doormat

If you live in a multi-family house where a cleaning company is responsible for cleaning the staircase or the corridors, it is advisable to put the doormat in the flat before you start your holiday. These are often placed upright in front of the flat door after the floor has been cleaned. This makes it easy for attentive observers to see where residents are currently away.

Well-maintained home

If you usually use a house or garden service, you may agree that they will continue to come regularly while you are away. A well-kept impression of the house can deter potential burglars.

Double-check everything

You might have invested in a digital cylinder and make sure that your house sitter has access to your house. However, it is essential to do final checks on other locks in your home before you leave, such as window bolts and door locks. Spend time to check them thoroughly a few days before your departure date, so you have enough time to change any locks or latches that need to be replaced. If you have other security gadgets to guard your house such as an alarm system or video surveillance cameras, it's good to check their batteries before leaving.

Unplug your home appliances

Unplugging your electronic appliances such as television, refrigerator, computer, and water cooker before leaving your house unoccupied is important to avoid power surge which may lead to a house fire.

We whish you a nice holiday!

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