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Replacing the lock on your door

DIY guide to replacing your door lock

Are you thinking about changing your locks? We understand what you say, but changing your cylinder is the correct term for your need.

Why do you want to change your locking cylinder?

There are many reasons why people change their door cylinders, from old door cylinder or mechanical wear to having a break-in. All reasons are valid, let's take a look at some possibilities on why you decide to change your cylinder.

Cylinder too old

Locking cylinders, like any other technical product, are subject to a certain degree of wear. At some point the product reaches a point where the technology no longer corresponds to the latest state of the art and can be quickly overcome with current opening technology.

Just had a break-in

Experiencing a burglary is one of the worst things ever happens to someone. The security of your house has been compromised.

New house

After moving into a new home, you want to be sure that no unauthorized persons have access to your new home.

How many keys actually exist?

Black keys" are those keys whose existence is unknown to the owner of a house or apartment. These can be keys lost by the previous owner without passing on the information to the new owner when the property is sold. Many property buyers don't even know how many keys actually exist for the front door and whether they actually received all the keys from the previous owner. Or the owner himself loses a door key without thinking much more about it. 

How to replace your cylinder?

After reviewing the reasons why you want to replace your cylinder, it's time to the real deal: replacing it! But how? You might want to pick up the phone and call a locksmith right away. But hold the phone! Chances are, you are reading this article because you want to learn to change your cylinder by yourself. Follow the steps below and replace your cylinder in no time.

Measure your cylinder

Check out how to measure your cylinder on this video.

Figure out your cylinder number

After you measure your cylinder number, you will find out the diameter of the interior and exterior length of your cylinder. For example, your cylinder has an interior length of 35 mm and an exterior length of 55 mm. It means you need a new cylinder with 35/55 size and in 90 mm length.

Did you know that you can have one key for all the doors in your home? Check on this link to know more about keyed alike system for homes.

Find a dealer

Your dealer will advise you comprehensively on the right locking system and will be there for you in all matters relating to locks, cylinders or spare keys.