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Securing your rental property

How to secure my rental property?

With the rise of experience-based hospitality service such as AirBnB, it has become possible for people to rent their homes to other people for a certain amount of time. This article is dedicated to you, first-time landlords who would like to get an extra cash by renting your house during holiday. Read the tips below to help you make the right choices!

Guard your mail

Organize the secure delivery of your letters and mail during the rental period, e.g. you can rent a P.O. box or make a forwarding request.

Get in contact with your guests

Use the built-in chat function to contact your guests to find out more about the purpose of their visit.

Invest in digital locking systems

Traditionally, you need to give a key to your renter. Have you wondered if there were more accessible and more secure way to hand over your house keys to your guests?

Digital locks might be the answer for you. Before they arrive, it's better to inform your guest that you are using digital lock for your home and give them directions on how to open the door. This can be done for example with the DOM ENiQ App or the DOM Tapkey App.  After their check-in period ends, the guests cannot enter your property anymore.

Secure your valuables

Keep your valuables in a safe place, e.g. in a safe.

We hope that we have been able to give you some helpful tips and that your guests will feel comfortable with you.

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