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How to secure my new home? DOM ix TwinStar


DOM ix TwinStar:
The "right" spin against unpleasant visitors

"We just didn't feel safe anymore," says Mr. Over. He recently bought a house. But it was not only during the renovation phase that he often had to give his house door key out of his hand - the previous owner was also unable to answer the question of who had a key in the past. "That was too uncertain for us," says his wife. So they contacted the DOM specialist trade partner in their place of residence. Their wish: A mechanical locking system that is reliably protected against unauthorized key copies.

The specialist dealer recommended the DOM ix TwinStar. "The principle convinced us immediately,"  the young woman says enthusiastically. Because small movable elements in the key profile make unauthorized copying by locksmiths almost impossible. "If we now give the keys to craftsmen, the cleaner or our neighbour, we can be sure that a copy will not be made without our knowledge," says Mr. Over.




  • Intruder drilling
    Increased drill protection (optional): In this variant, VDS and EN1303 certified.
  • ix twinstar see through
    High manipulation protection: up to 23 locking authorization queries per key.
  • ix twinstar moving discs
    Very high key copy protection: new type of floating double role in the key tip.

The DOM ix TwinStar, which the young family has chosen for, has another advantage in the event of a key loss. Because the "2 in 1" variant includes a second set of keys, which can be activated easily: second key set in the lock, turn around - done. All keys from the first key set are invalid. And all without expensive cylinder exchange.

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