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Burglars like the winter. When it gets dark outside, the risk decreased of being caught red-handed. What they do not like: the RS 8 from DOM. A test by Stiftung Warentest shows why this is the case.

According to a study by the Cologne police, almost every second burglary attempt in multi-family houses is made via the front door. Time is an essential factor here: the longer it takes to overcome the locking cylinder, the higher the risk for the burglar to be discovered. And here the registered single lock DOM RS 8 offers exemplary resistance. This was confirmed by a test of Stiftung Warentest (11/2017). They tested twelve locking cylinders for their burglary resistance. The clear winner with an overall grade of 1.4 is the DOM RS 8 as a registered single lock in modular design, which convinced with increased drilling and pulling protection. Through steel-hardened or carbide elements it is protected against attacks with the drilling machine.

Authorized or not?

DOM RS 8 also protects against manipulation such as picking. An up to 13-fold locking authorization query per key makes it almost impossible to overcome the cylinder. An additional side rib on the key protects against unauthorized copying of keys. It makes it considerably more difficult to make a copy. The security card, which is part of the DOM RS8 system, provides additional security. Only with this card, original DOM keys can be ordered from specialist dealers. Each order is documented and can be verified.

The registered single lock DOM RS 8 is available as a system with solutions for the entire home - from the garden gate and letterbox to the garage door to the front and cellar door. Advice and sales are provided by specialist dealers.

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