In the foreground an ENiQ Pro cylinder on a dark wooden door, in the background a comfortably furnished bright attic room.

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Digital locking systems

Why should I choose a digital locking system?

Safety first

Access control on an electronic basis probably offers the most secure and most convenient way to protect your home. That's why more and more homeowners are opting for electronic access control. And for good reasons: Extra protection, extra comfort and extra control.

Extra protection

The most important feature of a digital locking system is security. An electronic locking system, consisting of cylinders and transponders, provides best-in-class protection for your home. The door remains closed if force is used because the cylinder is also mechanically secured.

Extra comfort

The future of home security is keyless. With the electronic access system, you only need one transponder, which you can use to open all doors - from the front door to the garage. The transponder is available as key chain, ISO card and as ClipTag for clipping onto a mechanical key. To open the door, simply hold the transponder in front of the locking cylinder.

Extra control

Do you have a tenant in your home? Then you can conveniently and securely control access authorisations at the same time with an electronic cylinder – for example, to define which tenants have access to which rooms. You can reprogram these access authorisations at any time.

Flexible and functional

Digital locking systems not only offer the highest level of security, but also enormous organizational advantages. The electronics offer you every freedom and flexibility. You can use a normal transponder, an ISO credit card as well as your smartphone as locking medium.

Your cleaner should enter your home only at certain times? No problem. You can easily and securely assign limited access permissions and change them again at any time.

It is also possible to connect to other digital devices or equipment, e.g. an alarm system. You would like to record strange events on video? Just let your video system activate if someone tries to gain access to your premises with an unauthorized locking medium.

What about the costs

You lost a key or was stolen? Under certain circumstances, the entire mechanical locking system must now be replaced, so that you are really safe in your own walls again - that can be expensive.
With a digital locking system, the lost or stolen transponder is simply blocked and a new one created. This is done quickly, safely and inexpensively.

And if I have to secure another door later? With digital locking systems, you can easily install an additional cylinder or fitting reader at any time, add locking media and assign authorizations.

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