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DOM ix TwinStar

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High security for your residence

At some point in our lives, we will think of ways how to feel more secure in our lives, especially when it comes to protecting our loved ones and valuables. DOM ix TwinStar is the most intricate product out of the DOM ix Family. With its' intricate system, it is perfect for private residences with a high-security standard.

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Double roller

DOM ix TwinStar is equipped with a tiny double roller at the end of the key blade. This small yet powerful feature makes your cylinder almost impossible to replicate and practically impossible to pick.

2-in-1 system

DOM ix TwinStar is equipped with a unique feature called '2-in-1 system'. This feature allows you to change the locks in your system without changing any lock. With our 2-in-1 system, every cylinder is equipped with a built-in fallback configuration and comes with a secondary set of keys. If you lose your key somewhere and you are afraid your lock is being compromised, take the second key from the secondary set, and the cylinder instantly becomes obsolete.

More pins, more security

The DOM ix TwinStar is equipped with the most sophisticated copy protection into the key blade. Moreover, it has more pins inside the cylinder, ensuring more layers of security for your property.

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Certified and qualified

CE Fire resistant

DIN EN1303

Extra-strength burglar resistance

Freewheel cylinder for gear locks


Inspected. Approved. Safe.

These are some of the variants of DOM ixTwinstar

DOM ixTwinStar Double Cylinder with Key

Double cylinder

DOM ixTwinStar Half Cylinder

Half cylinder

DOM ixTwinStar Cam Lock

Cam lock

DOM ixTwinStar Padlock


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