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Install the Roq on the door

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How to install the DOM Roq connected lock?

How to install the DOM Roq connected lock?

Opening the door in 4 ways

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Using the mobile app


To lock and unlock your door, go to your DOM Roq application, select the DOM Roq motor cylinder and press the corresponding button to lock or unlock. From the inside of your door, press the button on your motor to activate the lock motor.

The LED on your motor can flash in different colours to provide you with different information. ORANGE: The battery is almost empty, charge your rechargeable battery. RED: Critical low level of battery reached (battery almost completely empty) or configuration error. RED WHITE flashing alternately: Access is denied. The code / tag is incorrect or has no access permission at this time or date. This colour code can also represent an attempt to lock when the door is open. WHITE flashing fast: Pairing mode (with a reader, tag or code). WHITE flashing slowly: Lock is locking GREEN: Installation or adjustment of the end positions. GREEN: Setting up or adjusting the rotary's end positions.

Yes. With the Dom Roq motor cylinder you can still use traditional keys for emergency openings (if the battery is empty) or for people who still want to use traditional keys to lock and unlock your door from outside.


The installation of your door motor is child's play via the existing bore hole in the door or directly on your door fitting. Your cylinder is replaced in the process. The installation is done without wiring or an electrical connection. The motor is not visible from the outside. Your door is therefore not visually altered from the outside. And finally, the simple and elegant design of the DOM Roq fits best with your interior. Please refer to the operating instructions for the individual installation of your DOM Roq, which you can find at Once the DOM Roq has been installed in your new home, download the DOM Roq app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, Register your DOM Roq in the DOM Roq and follow the instructions in the app.

Yes, the DOM Roq is compatible with doors without an outside handle. The motor unlocks and opens the door by pulling back the latch at the end for 3 seconds. The door can then simply be pushed open.

The door sensors were set up when your DOM Roq was installed, you cannot switch them on or off yourself. You can check the status of your DOM Roq's door sensors on the device screen in your App. If your sensors are deactivated, it means that the distances between your door, its frame and the walls prevent the door sensors from working properly. NOTE: If the door sensors are disabled, certain functions, such as the door open alarm, will not be available to you.

Open the DOM Roq app and go to "My devices". Then select your DOM Roq and scroll down the screen. In the "Information" section, you will see "Door sensors" with the status of the sensors on the right.

"Caution: You will now need to lock and unlock your lock manually to set the end positions. During this step, be careful not to turn the knob completely. Stop turning as soon as the lock's bolt has extended sufficiently into the striking plate. Your door must be closed but unlocked. Insert the battery into the motor and engage it. You now have 30 seconds to calibrate using the procedure described below. 1. Press the knob on the motor cylinder for approx. 3 seconds until the unit beeps. 2. Now lock (extend the bolt into) your door by turning the knob in the corresponding locking direction. In most cases, the bolt can be extended once or twice. 3. Confirm the end position of the lock by pressing the knob for approx. 3 seconds. You will hear a confirmation tone. 4. Now turn the knob of your motor cylinder to unlock the door. Please follow step 5 before doing this. 5. To complete the calibration, perform one of the following steps depending on whether there is an outside handle on the door or not. A - You have an outside door handle that operates the latch. If opening the door is completed with the lever handle, the motor only locks and unlocks the door. Turn the knob in the opening direction until the latch is fully retracted to the point where the latch can retract no further. Press the rotary knob for approx. 3 seconds and release it after the (first) beep. B - NO external door handle (i.e. a door handle that operates the latch - ornamental door handles such as fixed door bars or ball handles are not included in this). The motor unlocks the door and opens it by retracting the bolt and pulling back the latch for 3 seconds. Turn the rotary knob in the opening direction until the latch bolt is fully retracted to the point where the latch can retract no further. Press the rotary knob for approx. 5 seconds and release it after the first signal tone. The motor then performs several cycles to confirm the settings. A white LED indicates the success of the process. In case of an error, please repeat the process from the beginning."


Yes. To ensure that the door is not operated "by mistake" (e.g. by small children) you can disable the locking and unlocking actions of the centre button. To do this, use your DOM Roq app, go to My Devices, the lock concerned, and then select the Lock and Unlock option.

"If you move, there are several possibilities: 1. The DOM Roq and your PinCode Reader (if any) remain on the premises: Perform a reset of the DOM Roq and PinCode Reader. The reset buttons are located on the inside of each device (in the case of the PinCode Reader, under the battery compartment cover). You will need the pen tool from your Gateway Box in the DOM Roq packaging (similar to a SIM card slot opener). Then delete the devices from your app. 2. The DOM Roq and your PinCode Reader (if any) will move with you: Do not reset your devices. If the door leaf thickness (thickness) of your new door differs from your old door or the rosettes/fittings dimensions differ, you will need a different cylinder length. Please contact a DOM specialist dealer for this. After installing the DOM Roq on your new door, the end positions must be readjusted. To do this, please follow the instructions in the operating instructions at or see the corresponding FAQ in this section."

Caution: You must re-run the initialisation if a reset has taken place. All settings such as the end position calibration will be deleted. All accessories, such as the PinCode Reader, will also be decoupled. This only affects the device/devices, not your app account. The devices must also be deleted from your account and reinstalled if necessary. To do this, press the reset button on the back of the device with the reset tool provided for approx. 3 seconds until you hear a beep. To set up your motor again, please follow the instructions in the manual at

To do this, go to "My devices" in the DOM Roq app and open the information in the lower area on the device screen of your DOM Roq. Select the "Leave & Lock" function, activate it and go back to the device information. The activation data is now transmitted to the device, the device acknowledges the change with a beep.

To do this, go to "My Devices" in the DOM Roq App and open the information in the lower area of the device screen of your DOM Roq. Select the function "Discreet mode". Activate/deactivate it and go back to the device information. The activation data is now transmitted to the device, the device acknowledges the change with a beep.

If your DOM Roq emits an acoustic signal and a red light when locking, please first check whether your door is completely closed. If this is the case, it may be due to a problem with the setting of the end positions. This problem can be solved by simply readjusting the end positions.   See : How do I set the end positions of the DOM Roq?


If the battery is not plugged in, access is not registered. You will also not receive a message on your smartphone.

Yes, you can select different sensitivity levels in the DOM Roq app to detect an attempted break-in. For example, on stormy days, you could decrease the sensitivity level to prevent a false alarm when the wind rattles your door. To do this, open "My Devices", select your device and go to "Burglar Alarm".

IntelliTAG ™ is a sensor technology that detects the vibrations of an attempted intrusion even before the break-in and deters intruders before they enter your home by triggering your alarm system. You can adjust the sensitivity of the intelliTAG. In your application, go to "My Equipment", select your lock, then go to 'Security alert' and 'Burglary attempt'. The sensitivity is adjusted with a slider from 0 to 10. 10 is the highest sensitivity.

Thanks to the Somfy Protect alarm system, several security options are available via DOM Roq: 1. Trigger the alarm when DOM Roq detects an intrusion attempt 2. Arm / disarm the alarm when your door is locked / unlocked Learn more: [LINK] How to arm / disarm the alarm from DOM Roq?

You have the option of automatically arming and disarming your alarm when your door is locked/unlocked. Two options are available: 1. Disarm the alarm when DOM Roq is unlocked from your smartphone. 2. Arm the alarm when DOM Roq is locked from your smartphone. To manage your options, go to the 'My Equipment' menu in the DOM Roq app, select your DOM Roq, click on 'Somfy Protect' and then choose the options you want.

The Owner and the Administrators can create and share access. To do so, in the app, go to "Manage Access" then "New Kit" and "New Keys". This new access key can be accessed via the app, a tag or a code. This access can be shared by email or SMS. Share the code at your convenience. You can also add a tag to a 'Keychain' (keyring) via the DOM Roq app. For this, go to "Manage Access", "New Kit" 'Keychain' (keyring) and then "New Keys". Select 'tags' and enter the references on the tag into the app.

Only the account holder or an administrator can assign, change or delete access rights. This is done in the DOM Roq app in the area "My devices -> Select device -> Manage access -> Select user". The corresponding permissions can be changed here. The entire User can also be deleted in the Settings area.

In the app, go to "My devices, select your device and to the "Manage Access", and 'Keychain' (keyring) tab.

On the app, turn off this tag as soon as possible. To do this, go to the 'Manage My Access' tab.

DOM Roq sends security notifications when your home door has remained open or vibrations from an attempted intrusion are detected. These allow you to recognise directly any break-ins. When you receive the security notification. if necessary, lock your door remotely. This will allow the intruder to feel detected. If you have a Somfy alarm system, raise the alarm. Call the police or security service.

To receive all notifications sent by DOM Roq, go to the settings of your smartphone and allow notifications sent by the DOM Roq app. Also, note that you must additionally select sending notifications in the app. Go to the "My Account" section and enable push notifications. Then, in the "My Devices -> Select Device -> Security Alerts" section, you can activate the individual alerts. Please note that if your smartphone or the DOM Roq Gateway are temporarily not connected to the internet, you will not receive any security notifications.


Yes. All smartphones equipped with Internet access and BLE are compatible with DOM Roq. If the BLE of the smartphone is not compatible with the DOM Roq or is faulty, communication takes place via the Internet gateway.

With DOM Roq, open your home with your smartphone. You can also use your metal keys. By adding a Pincode Reader you can also open your home by presenting your tag on the reading field or entering a code on the digit field.

When you receive an invitation by email or sms, download the DOM Roq application. If you already have a DOM Roq account, go to the main menu and click on "I am invited". If you do not have a DOM Roq account, there are two options: - Your invitation gives you a one-time access, i.e. it will work for one use only. In this case, when you open the application, click on 'I am invited'. - Your invitation allows you multiple-use access, i.e. you will use the lock more than once. If so, click on 'Start' and follow the account creation procedure. Go to the main menu and click on 'I am invited'. Let the application guide you through the process. Afterwards, you will see the device and be able to open or close the lock according to your permission.

"There are different user profiles : Owner: there can only be one owner. As the name implies, this status is assigned to the owner of the product. This is the person who puts the product into service. He can manage all accessories, accesses, add guests and decide to give the status of administrator to them. Administrator: there can be one or more administrators. This status allows the management of accesses, i.e. creating or deleting them. The administrator can also be notified of entries and exits detected by DOM Roq. Guest user: there can be one or more guests. This status allows the lock to be controlled according to the permissions given by the administrator or owner who created the user. The guest cannot create accesses or invitations. The guest user also has no access to notifications and history. When you add a user, you can assign a status to the user. Only the owner can assign an administrator status to a user. View or change the status of a user by going to "Manage Access > Keychains", select the user, select Settings, and then select Administrator.

Your iPhone cannot connect to your DOM Roq? It is possible that your problem is due to the geolocation of your iPhone. You can check in your "Settings"> find the 'DOM Roq' application > check that the setting is on the 'Always' option. Also, make sure that the 'Exact position' option is enabled. BLE, WiFi and geolocation are technically linked depending on the OS of your smartphone. This is a purely technical constraint and is in no way linked to the Somfy Group, which does not use or track the position of its users.

"Leave & Lock" and "Auto Lock" are two automatic locking features accessible when the DOM Roq's door sensors are activated. "Leave & Lock" allows you to lock your door when you leave your home, without using your smartphone or the Pincode Reader and its keypad. You just have to press twice the central button of the DOM Roq before closing the door behind you. The door sensors will then wait for the door to close before triggering the door lock. "Auto Lock" triggers an automatic lock every time your door is closed. No need to think about locking behind you, this feature allows you to have your door locked at all times. To manage your options, go to the "My Devices" menu, select your DOM Roq, click on "Auto Lock" and then choose an option if you wish.

When using DOM Roq, BLE is not mandatory if your Internet Gateway is in operation, but it is a good fallback solution, so we advise activating it.

If you are equipped with an iPhone, geolocation may be necessary to use your DOM Roq. Please read this article: Your iPhone cannot connect to your DOM Roq? BLE, WiFi and geolocation are technically linked depending on the OS of your smartphone. This is a purely technical constraint and is in no way linked to DOM, which does not use and does not trace the position of its users.

A Keyring brings together users' access to a lock. The same person can have a code, a tag and access via the DOM Roq app. Through the app, the administrator or administrators can manage all access (deleting access, creating time-limited or recurring access) See : How to create and share accesses?

The administrator is the person who manages all functions, authorisation and settings of DOM Roq. More than one person can be an administrator. In the "My Devices -> Select Device -> Manage Access -> Select User -> Settings -> Administrator" area, the admin status can be assigned for each person. This authorisation can only be granted by the account holder.

In the Manage Access section, enter the History tab and view all the actions of your device.

NO. All users must have their own accounts.

On the app, you can create and share access rights via your smartphone and create new codes. For this, go to "Manage Access", Keyrings tab, and then New. You can add up to 30 users. You can also pair new tags. To do this, press for 3 seconds on the centre button of your DOM Roq lock engine. The engine LED flashes in WHITE. Present the tag in front of the Reader and wait for 3 beeps to confirm the pairing. 

Up to 100 users can be authorised to control a Roq.

Up to four Roqs can be managed with the app.


Your DOM Roq is connected to your personal Wi-Fi network. The Internet Gateway intervenes to connect DOM Roq to the Wi-Fi network via BLE. All connections are secured by AES 256 standard encryption.

The Internet Gateway has a Wi-Fi reach of about 5m. It connects via BLE 5.0 to DOM Roq. And via a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz to your router.

The Internet Gateway is not compatible with Hotspot-type Internet networks. DOM Roq is only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi networks. Go to your router settings to change settings if necessary.

Connect DOM Roq to your Tahoma box ® by keeping your Internet Gateway and create life-changing scenarios! TaHoma® is compatible with a large number of Somfy equipment and partners. This equipment does not all use the same technology, so they are grouped by family. In the Tahoma® interface, go to the "Configuration" and "Other Somfy" menus and follow the procedure to connect your DOM Roq account to your TaHoma® box.

Account settings

The language of the app adapts to the language settings on your smartphone. To change the language of your DOM Roq app, change the language on your smartphone. Restart your app so these latest changes are taken into account.

You have the option to manage multiple locks with your account. To remove a lock, go to My Equipment, then select the relevant Lock, then click at the bottom of the page on "Remove the Connected Doorlock".


You can combine a single Pincode Reader with your DOM Roq device. Also consider a Somfy Protect alarm or a TaHoma box to create security scenarios such as "I'm notified of an intrusion: my lock locks the door, my alarm and my camera go on, my light goes on." Consider equipping yourself with a spare battery from a DOM partner. Additional tags are also available. Check with your DOM partner to complement your device.

Want to get extra keys for your DOM Roq cylinder? See Dealer Support to find a DOM partner close to you.

Accessories - Pincode Reader

To lock your door, press the padlock key on your Pincode Reader before entering your code or presenting your tag in front of the reader. To unlock your door, pass your tag directly in front of the reader or enter your code directly on the keypad.

To return the Pincode Reader to factory configuration, remove the cover on the back and press the Reset button for 3 seconds. The device will beep and flash 3 times in GREEN. After a Reset, it is necessary to re-pair the Pincode Reader to the DOM Roq motor and re-create the codes. However, your tags are still paired to your Pincode Reader.

Install your Pincode Reader less than 5m from DOM Roq, on the outside wall next to your door. Make sure that there is no metal plate or power source in the immediate vicinity of the reader so as not to create interference. You can attach it with the stripe on the backside or with the delivered screws according to the manual on

The DOM Roq must already be in operation. If you are replacing an existing device, be sure to turn off the old device and remove the batteries. Insert 3 batteries into the Pincode Reader with the correct polarity. Press the central button of DOM Roq for 3 seconds to access Pairing mode. The motor LED should slowly flash WHITE. On the reader, press the PADLOCK key for 3 seconds. The reader will flash GREEN. 3 beeps will confirm the DOM Roq and reader are connected.

You must pair your Pincode Reader before beginning this process. Press the central button of your DOM Roq lock motor for 3 seconds. The motor LED will flash WHITE. Enter your 5-digit code on the reader's keypad. Please note that this code cannot start with the number ZERO. 3 beeps will confirm the creation of the code. You can also create and share codes via the app by going to the "Manage access" section > new Keyring.

You must have paired your Pincode Reader beforehand. Press the central button of your DOM Roq lock motor for 3 seconds. The motor LED flashes WHITE. Present the tag in front of the reader and wait for confirmation of the pairing by 3 beeps.

In your application, go to the "Manage access" section, then to the Keyring tab and delete the code.

In your application, go to the "Manage access" section then 'Keychain' (keyring) tab, enter the keyring concerned, then Calendar tab.

Only the DOM Mifare DESFire tags sold with the Pincode Reader, or available at DOM partners, are compatible with DOM Roq.

You can deactivate a tag and then reactivate it in the future. On the other hand, tags are directly linked to the DOM Roq owner account to which they have been paired. If the owner's account is deleted, the tags will no longer be usable permanently for security reasons.

Accessories - Internet Gateway

The Internet Gateway connects your DOM Roq to your Wi-Fi network. You therefore have remote access to all of DOM Roq's functionalities, including the creation and sharing of remote access. It also allows you to access your history in real time and to be notified wherever you are. This is subject to the proper functioning of your Wi-Fi and good network coverage on your smartphone.

The Internet Gateway has a Wi-Fi range of approximately 7m. We strongly recommend that you maintain this maximum distance between your Internet Gateway and your router box before proceeding with the configuration.  Go to the DOM Roq application. Log in or create your account. Then go to the "My equipment" menu and "add equipment". You can now select DOM Roq and let the application guide you. The Internet Gateway will connect to your WIFI network and then to your DOM Roq via BLE 5.0.  The radio frequency for your Wi-Fi is 2.4 GHz. See: What do the lights on the Gateway mean?

The Internet Gateway has a maximum range of 7m. Do not exceed this distance between your Gateway and your Internet router as well as 5m between your Gateway and DOM Roq.

The three colour LED gives the status of the Internet Gateway: - Continuous orange: the Gateway has never been configured. - Flashing orange: The configuration is in progress. - Solid green: the Gateway is connected to the network and cloud server and is working. - Flashing green: The Gateway is searching for the Wi-Fi network. - Continuous red: The Gateway has lost the Internet connection. Disconnect and reconnect the Gateway. - Solid blue: An update is in progress. Hold on.


Please note: we recommend charging the battery overnight and not operating your lock until you have replaced the battery. This ensures that the end positions are not adjusted. Remove the battery pack by pulling the small lever on the underside of the housing forwards. This will release the battery. Remove the battery and connect it using the USB-C cable supplied. Charging time is approximately 8 hours. IMPORTANT: Always insert the battery pack with the DOOR CLOSED after charging to avoid losing the configuration parameters. If you encounter a problem after recharging your battery, please reset the end positions.

The battery life is up to six months with common family use, depending on the door situation. It recharges in 8 hours via the supplied USB-C cable.

In the event of a low battery, you will be alerted in 2 different ways: via your DOM Roq and the DOM Roq application. In the event of a low battery, the LED on your DOM Roq flashes ORANGE. In addition, your Smartphone will notify you.

YES. While recharging your battery, you can still use the manual button on your DOM Roq motor to lock and unlock your door. You can also use your metal keys. However, if the battery is dead or missing, you will not be able to remotely lock and unlock your door, receive your notifications and access your lock history in real time. We advise you to charge the battery overnight and not to use your lock before reinserting the charged battery in order to preserve the end position settings. 

3rd party Confidence

We guarantee that our DOM and Somfy servers, on which personal data is stored, meet the highest security standards. This also applies to web services and apps (Android, iOS).

DOM Roq does not change your insurance policy. No prior declaration is required for the installation of DOM Roq. If a special certification for your DOM Roq cylinder is necessary, please inform your DOM partner before ordering the product for you.

Having troubles with installing?

If you are having troubles with installing DOM Roq, contact us.
Alternatively you can contact our dealers and they will come to help you.