Smart Lock DOM Roq

DOM Roq: new smart lock by the security expert

DOM Roq - Get smart about security

The Dom ROQ is highly encrypted, packed with features, built with durable hardware, and offers 24/7 control – and it’s ready to protect your home or business.

Long hours battery

Up to six months.*

Highly encrypted

Lock and unlock via BLE- and NFC-enabled devices.

Laser detection

Detects suspicion vibrations and alerts you to potential intrusions before they occur.

Automatic locking

For immediate security as soon as you leave.


Receive a smartphone notification for door-related events, such as opening or unlocking.

Night mode

Silences the DOM Roq’s motor, and optical and acoustic signals, for a more peaceful atmosphere.

Download the DOM Roq app

Give access to people you trust

Add, revoke, or change access rights for guests or employees, and receive door-related notifications.

Smart, secure, locked

Is your door compatible with the DOM Roq?

Run our compatibility check in just 5 minutes and take the first steps toward a more secure home or business.

Compatibility Check

Unlock your door in different ways!

DOM Roq offers you tremendous flexibility on how you can interact with your door.

Smartphone is your key

The DOM Roq detects your presence via Wi-Fi and immediately unlocks.

Intergrate it with Tahoma switch

DOM Roq is compatible with TaHoma Switch, a smart home controller from Somfy that enables you to control key home appliances from Somfy and other compatible brands for greater security, energy efficiency and comfort. Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.

Frequently asked questions

The DOM Roq is equipped with a long-hour battery that has a lifetime of up to six months.*

No problem! You can unlock the DOM Roq with a traditional key, or via transponder or keypad.

You can always open the DOM Roq with a traditional key. In the meantime, please contact us. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to resolve your issue.

You can unlock the DOM Roq with your smartphone, transponder, keypad, or a traditional key.

Find and contact a DOM dealer near you to purchase a DOM Roq for your home or business.

* For common family use, depending on the door situation.