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Advising DOM products to your customers

Finding the right solution for your customers means providing precise advice. With our wide assortment and comprehensive sales materials DOM is equipped for every requirement - and you too!

Marketing support

We understand your need to send a message to your customers through attractive retail displays such as:

  • PoS display stands;
  • Posters;
  • Videos; and
  • Visually-appealing brochures.

  • We believe that our locksmith partners are our 'ambassadors' to end-customers, therefore we have a range of attractive and informative sales materials for you to use in your shop to attract your customers to know more about our products.

    Apart from attractive retail displays, we are also available to reach should you want to have a marketing collaboration for your store, such as high-resolution images for your brochures or your online shop.



    Sales support

    We want to walk hand-in-hand with our partners; therefore, apart from attractive sales material, we also offer up-to-date product documentation for every line of our products. This documentation is what you need for consultation with customers: from practical information, how to sell our products, to installation and operating manuals. This document is also available as your marketing tool to engage with your customers. They are always ready for you and your account manager can help you retrieve them whenever you need.

    Product support

    As a company with more than thirty years of experience and the third-largest in Europe, we have a large assortment of products for your different clients and customers, from mechanical lock solution, digital lock solution, to door closers and anti-panic bars.

    With this in mind, we offer our locksmith partners continuous support in product knowledge and marketing. With our extensive database of product specifications, we can support you to understand our products better through our price books, brochures, and flyers. These can be of use for your business to explain better about the products to your customers.

    Would you like to have product training in our office? That is also possible. Our goal is to equip as much knowledge as possible to our locksmith partners. Contact our sales representative to book a session.



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