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19th Century heritage meets 21st Century security

St Hugh’s College has stood strong for over 120 years. Now their new locking system will ensure it remains secure for many years to come.

Once founded to open the educational door to less privileged women, St Hughs College has established itself as one of the largest colleges in Oxford. About 800 male and female students are currently enrolled at the college, a majority of which reside during the semester in dormitories provided on the college premises. The building complex on St Margaret's Road also includes a cafeteria, a fitness room, a chapel, and of course the lecture halls and seminar rooms, as well as a library.

With such a demanding building, it needed a locking solution that was strong, reliable and made from the best materials. The RS Sigma from DOM makes easy work of upgrading their Grand Master Key system, guaranteeing students, teachers and visitors a safe living and learning environment.

The residential areas and science laboratories required extra security so the DOM RS Sigma is fitted with special burglary protection to ensure everything and everyone of value is kept secure without compromise. “We’ve been recommending DOM products to our customers for many years now. They offer high quality and high copy protection at a fair price” explains Jason Priest of Oxford Security Maintenance Services.

The project is set for the long-term – after all, the entire locking system has to be fit. Once the upgrade is complete, the Grand Master Key system will include 10 Sub Master levels utilising over 1,000 cylinders. The choice for DOM RS Sigma was based on both the complex access authorisation request and its resistance to drilling. At the same time, the locking system is compatible with electronic components should they be added in the future. First assessment of the installation: "To date the upgrade has run smoothly – and the operator is very satisfied with the locking system".