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Our solutions for industrial applications

Locking solutions for industrial applications - our catalogue

Our industrial department would like to present you with a clear and easy-to-use overview of our locking solutions for industrial applications.

This catalogue has been produced with you in mind. The catalogue presents a new approach to locking solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

Our security systems are classified into 12 product sections and 4 configuration sections. Each product’s technical characteristics have been listed to make them easy to read, and to let you find the right solution for your application. Pictograms have also been used to add to this ease of use, highlighting the functionality of our products, as well as their standard configuration and associated options. Last but not least, it was important to set up a new simple and unique product coding system to cover all the products in our DOM, RONIS and TITAN ranges.

Here you can download the complete catalogue:

Industry catalogue    (38 MB)