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Developing a new partnership with DOM

Partner with the best

You have actively looked at the main brands in the market and you are eager to start a new partnership with us. The question is, how? Read more on this page to learn how we can make and develop new partnership together.

The steps to success

Initials and Follow-up Meetings

We make sure to understand everything about your products and requirements through initial and follow-up meetings. Our expert team will visit you and ask a lot of questions about how we can help you as a part of your product.


Design and Proposal

With our international team of experts, we will design a tailor-made plan for your project to add more value to your product. We will consult our result back to you when you can give the final say to your decision. First we listen, now we deliver.


Prototyping and Finalising

Together, we make last-minute adjustments to perfect the design and the usability of our element for your product.

Production and Implementation

When the prototype is according to your wish, we start production and implementing the product as a part of your project.



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