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The Security Ecosystem

Choose a world of possibilities

With the DOM ENiQ Security Ecosystem, you can create tailor-made security for your situation, no matter how big, small or complex. DOM’s extensive library of digital solutions and options is at your disposal to provide you full control without compromise, now and in the future. Choose a world of possibilities with ENiQ, your Digital Security Ecosystem by DOM.

Data® on Card

Programme all authorisations directly on the transponders, instead of in the locking solutions. You can programme your entire system and monitor access privileges from behind your desk, using a desk reader and/or a centrally located programming terminal, and allow users to carry all the data to where it needs to be. No need to install a network that connects all of the doors: the transponders are your network.

ENiQ® Data on Card

DOM ENiQ Data on Card

DOM ENiQ Online

ENiQ® Online

Programme all your door devices in real-time, through Ethernet. By connecting your software to all your ENiQ® devices through a TCP/IP-network, you can programme every specific ENiQ® device remotely, while simultaneously receiving information back from them. This Live connection also allows you to integrate advanced alarm systems and programme complex security protocols that are not possible without network connections.

ENiQ® Online

ENiQ® Offline

Directly programme the digital locking solutions with a laptop or tablet PC with a USB device. Make full use of the superior control and insights of the ENiQ® software, without having to invest heavily in a network to connect to all your ENiQ® devices.

ENiQ® Offline

DOM ENiQ Offline


ENiQ® App

Use your smartphone to manage your devices and transponders. Even though your ENiQ® App is designed to be quick and easy to use, that doesn’t mean it’s not packed with advanced features. With the ENiQ® App, you can access and programme every individual ENiQ® device, whether it’s connected to your network or directly through local wireless communication via NFC. It always backs up your security plan, and you can seamlessly switch systems if you would like to move to desktop software at some point.

ENiQ® App

ENiQ® EasyFlex

Manage and organise your system without any software, using a master card and programming cards. Simply install your ENiQ® digital locking solutions, use the Master card to activate the lock and transponders and you are set! No software or any further hardware required, this is a true plug and play solution, perfect for smaller business or for use at home. Also, if you do like to expand your system, you can quickly add more transponders or seamlessly switch to controlling your system via software, as your ENiQ® devices have full communication capabilities built in.

ENiQ® EasyFlex

DOM ENiQ EasyFlex

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