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Independence and privacy for the residents.
A customer solution for both residents and healthcare staff.


This project is a new residential complex of Zuidwester, a healthcare providing organisation, and offers a home for people with a mental disability. When it comes to access control, Zuidwester leads the way. The electronic access control system already meets the requirements of the Dutch Care and Compulsion Act. From 1 January 2020, this law regulates the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and a psycho-geriatric disorder who receive involuntary care. Project consultant Hans de Jong, Brondool, was involved in the development of the access control solution: “Coercive measures do not have a place in the healthcare sector – that is the Act’s starting point. Hazardous situations must be solved with voluntary care. You cannot lock clients up unless they form a danger to themselves or their environment. What ‘unless’ means, is determined by doctors and healthcare staff. “


Joep Brouwers, Tree Installatieadvies (system engineering, red.), was involved from an early stage in the construction process at Zuidwester to make an inventory of the wishes and requirements regarding access management: “The impact of the forthcoming law was important. Zuidwester needed a system that would respond quickly and smoothly to different situations. The ideal situation was a digital locking solution that made it possible for clients to have their own key, so they can decide whether and when to lock the front door of their own apartment. At the same time, staff members must always be able to enter the apartment if necessary. Those demands - speed and flexibility - could only be met with a digital locking system.

Transponder activating an ENiQ cylinderFROM KEY RING TO COMPUTER

How does it work in practice? Zuidwester’s regional Prevention & Safety officer Louis IJsselstein is responsible for the day to day management of the access control system. He is very pleased with the DOM ENiQ solution and enthusiastic about how easy it is to program the tags for residents and staff: “Our former access control system was a key ring. The only thing I have to do now is place check marks in the software. We can schedule time slots. And if a resident or staff member loses his tag, we can immediately disable it.”The system is safe, says IJsselstein: “the Carelocks are interfaced with the fire alarm system. In case of fire alarm, all doors can be operated manually so residents can leave their room and staff members can enter. This also applies to power outages. Hans de Jong: “In this project two specialisms are combined in one customized solution: Brondools knowledge and experience in the field of electrical closing and DOM’s expertise in the field of access control and digital cylinders. “

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