Data on Card update

28 October 2020

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On Wednesday (21 October 2020), we have launched a major update for ENiQ App. Finally, you can manage your Data on Card programming method straight from your smartphone application. Read along to have more information about this update.


The old ENiQ App we knew

Before this major update, ENiQ App only ran for users who use data on device (especially offline) programming mode. This means that the App only reads the UID transponder code. App users need to update permissions to each affected device.

In the old ENiQ App, users can head to the In-App store to buy the full pack of ENiQ Data on Device for more than three devices.


What changes in the new update?

This new update allows you to toggle between to sync modes: Data on Card or Data on Device (offline programming method). In this update, we situate the Data on Card for small to medium-sized business, usable in the Ecosystem.

With Data on Card programming, you will have more flexibility to store permissions to transponders. For each update, you don’t have to go to each device to perform the update. Everything can be managed by updating the transponders.


New in-app pricing

Once you update ENiQ App, the free App is possible to manage up to five devices. Do you want to manage more than five devices? In the In-App purchase screen, you can buy the full pack where you can manage more than five devices for Offline and Data on Card programming method. Payment is available through one-time purchase or an annual subscription. 


Download NOW!

What are you waiting for? Update your ENiQ App now to experience Data on Card on your Android smartphone. No matter if you are a new or existing user, by downloading the ENiQ App, you are granted the access to manage up to five devices. Download it now in Google Play Store for free!

Click here for more information about DOM ENiQ App.