Server room

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Electrical Equipment

We develop special security concepts

High-tech for switches, servers & Co.

Electronic equipment systems are typically found in a sensitive environment – high-quality technology needs to be protected against tampering, burglary, damage and unauthorised access, but also against dirt and temperature changes. We ensure that only authorised persons have access to your systems.

Electronic equipment

We develop special security concepts for

  • Switch cabinets and control panels
  • Server rooms
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Sockets
  • Lift control
  • Plant engineering

We work closely with our partners from the interntional DOM Security network to meet technical requirement of any kind.

OEM access control

The network of modern communications and work structures is, not least, shaped by innovative security technologies. DOM is therefore constantly working on ground-breaking developments in various sectors. Together with our partners in the industry, we are currently working on these solutions:


  • Tracking of electronically lockable bicycles
  • Electronically organised corporate facilities
  • Reading events and flexible access options for vending machines
  • Integration of the mailbox as an access medium