operating a tapkey cylinder with a mobile phone

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I forget my keys but never my smartphone!


DOM Tapkey cylinders are installed in a new home


"We have been living in our new home for four months and in this short period, I have had to go to the neighbours twice to get our spare key because I forgot my own key, "says Mrs. Klein, the female owner of the house. "During the purchase of our home we were able to choose from a variety of options, but a digital cylinder was not a choice. I think that is strange, especially when we do almost everything with our phone." says her husband. "That's why we decided to contact a DOM partner to provide digital cylinders for our home."

"When I heard that I could open my door with my phone, it got my attention" Mrs. Klein explains. The DOM installation partner explained that the key is no longer needed. With the smartphone, she can open the door at any time, simply by holding it against the cylinder. With light indication, it's clear when the door can be opened. "That works very easily, I sometimes forget my keys but never my smartphone!"

The family with two young children has chosen for a state-of-the-art access solution that is easy to manage with the DOM Tapkey app. DOM Tapkey allows you to authorize users to open or close doors with a smartphone, tablet or tag. The permissions can be easily managed by the app itself. In addition to authorising other phones, such as family, friends, cleaning or delivery service, you can also program transponders.

You can create your own digital locking system with three simple steps:

  • Download the Tapkey app via Google or the Apple store.
  • Activate your account.
  • Connect your locking device.


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