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Simultaneous locking cylinders

One for all

Does this sound familiar? House, apartment, garage, cellar, office, car, bike... one key for all. Your keyring is becoming heavier and more confusing all the time. This is particularly annoying when you are standing in front of the front door or garage door in the dark. Put an end to rummaging around for the right key – with one key for all doors.

Simultaneous locking cylinder

A simultaneous locking cylinder lets you open all cylinder locks with one key – for example, the front door, apartment door, cellar door, garage door, garden gate, letter box or bike shed. The perfect solution for a detached house!

Example: One key – 10 doors

In a detached house all ten doors can be opened with one key. Several keys can be used. In this way, for example, 3 people can have their own key that works for all cylinders.

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And how about the security?

Of course, the locking system is absolutely secure – because all cylinders can be equipped with proven security features such as drill open and tampering protection. And of course, the locking system comes with a security card. The security card is a kind of "ID" with which you identify yourself as the owner. Replacement keys or spare cylinders with keys can only be ordered after presentation of this security card at the specialist retailer.