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We offer a range of Classic and Magnetic lockcases, especially for interior doors and extra heavy-duty burglar-resistant lockshigh security multipoint locks for exterior doors.

Classic Line lockcases

With our Classic Line series we offer a range of lockcases that are especially suitable for interior doors. We only use the highest quality parts in the production of these locks. For almost every door application we offer a solution with our wide product range from standard profile cylinder locks to panic locks. The universal dimensions ensure that this lock can easily be exchanged and also reduce the risk of damage to your door. We always have a solution, because the lock can be mounted in inwards or outwards opening doors and can be placed both left and right. Moreover, this lock is very durable, an independent study has proven that the lock has held its own for a very long time.

Magnetic Line lockcases

With our Magnetic Line series we offer a range of lockcases that are especially suitable for interior doors. The unique feature of the Magnetic Line lock is that the latch bolt remains in the lock when the door is opened, it only comes out when the door is completely closed. The great advantage of this is a quiet and light closing of the door. Moreover, these locks are much more wear-resistant because the latch bolt does not run into the frame. In addition, there is no need for a striking plate on the frame.

Multipoint locks

With our multi-point locks the door locks at several points simultaneously with one movement of the key or handle. This ensures a high level of security and convenience and makes it ideal for use in front doors of houses. Due to the SKG3 quality mark, this lock is also extra heavy burglary resistant. Moreover, this lock is very flexible, because it is suitable for left and right handed doors. Please note: these multi-point locks only comply with SKG3, provided they are used with the specific strikes from HMB. DIN L/R: 706100 / DIN L: 706101 / DIN R: 706102.

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