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DOM ix Twido

Engineered for security perfection


A Swiss watch for your home

DOM ix Twido is a new benchmark in security engineering. Think of it as a Swiss watch for securing your home. It is simple yet so powerful with the two rotating discs embedded in the key blade of each key. Securing your home cannot be any easier than this.

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Double roller

DOM ix Twido is equipped with tiny double roller at the end of the key blade. This small yet powerful feature makes your lock almost impossible to replicate and practically impossible to pick.

More pins for enhanced security

The cylinder of DOM ix Twido is equipped with anti-bumping and anti-picking pins. These pins make it harder for lockpickers to pick your lock.

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Certified and qualified

CE Fire resistant

DIN EN1303

Extra-strength burglar resistance

Freewheel cylinder for gear locks


Inspected. Approved. Safe.

These are some of the variants of DOM ixTwido

DOM ix Twido Double Cylinder with Key

Double cylinder

DOM ix Twido Half Cylinder

Half cylinder

DOM ixTwido Cam lock

Cam lock

DOM ixTwido Camlock


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